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From 1980-1983, Zhu started preparation of learning all necessary skills because he wanted to become an orchestral conductor while playing in an orchestra.  He studied conducting and music analysis with Mr. Xu Xin (Professor of conducting at China Central Conservatory of Music, AKA C-COM, and president of the Chinese Conductors' Association).  Zhu also made a major effort to study piano skills by playing sonatas by Mozart and Beethoven, J.S Bach's inventions, Czerny's exercises 599, 849, 299, Hanon's virtuoso piano exercises, Mozart Piano Concerto, many sonatina, etc.  He studied harmony with Mr. Zhang Xiaogu and Mr. Shi Wanchun (Both are famous Chinese composers with international reputation).  In 1984, Zhu was offered the Assistant Concertmaster position after his successful audition.  So, Zhu had to abandon the idea of becoming a conductor temporarily at that time.  But Zhu gained a tremendous amount of conducting and piano skills.










Mr. Zhu accepts students at all ages.


Xiao Guang Zhu's Violin Students Testimonies 朱晓光小提琴教学学生见证信

Below is a list of famous piano music Mr. Zhu teaches:
*Fur Elise, Moonlight sonata, Pathetique sonata, C major sonata by Beethoven;
*Sonatina Album (Small sonata) with music by Kuhlau, Clementi, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, etc;
*Burgmuller Progressive piano studies;
*Hanon virtuoso pianist hand exercises;
*Czerny 599, 849, 299, three exercise book, beginning to advanced level;
*Suzuki piano book 1-7;
*Mozart piano concerto No.20, 21, etc;
Some Ragtime piano pieces;
Gershwin piano pieces;
Some Chopin Nocturne and more.











Why do "Non-Piano Major" musicians need to learn piano?
Because "Secondary Piano Training " helps all instrumentalists and singers to develop a good sense of pitch(notes), and the complete sound system of the notes, and harmony, used to make music.

The quality of the piano students are learning from is a very important factor. Mr. Zhu has invested in a 7 ft Mason-Hamlin, model BB, concert grand piano to teach advanced piano students. So, the students will have a true experience of a great concert grand piano sound and feel. For beginning students, Mr. Zhu has invested a Yamaha's flagship of the P series Keyboard, which has weighted keys made of natural wood, similar to the concert grad piano. Mason-Hamlin piano pictures will be updated ASAP.




































































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