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Xiao Guang Zhu Piano Teaching Page朱晓光琴钢琴教学网站

Welcome to Xiao Guang Zhu Violin and Piano Teaching Website! Teacher's ability and honesty are vital parts of student development! Please read my full teaching resume and listen to my performance video below!














Currently accepting students at both Centerville and Kettering locations!!!



An Important Note: We DO NOT USE cookies or other means of tracking clients information at our website. "Many Companies Are Doing It" does not make such practice ethical. We gain clients the "Old Fashioned Way": by being truthful and respectful, showing quality product, delivering what we promise. We are a small business with limited funds. We manage our website in house while serving our clients. Ethics and quality services are much more important than fancy graphics.







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Mr. Zhu accepts students at all ages. Internet Skype lessons available. Pro audio & video services available for studnets with discount.


Xiao Guang G Zhu's Violin Student Testimonies 朱晓光小提琴教学学生见证信


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Xiao Guang Zhu Violin Piano Teaching Resume Full Version 朱晓光小提琴钢琴教学履历

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